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22 apr 2017

Cambot v1.0

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And another small m4l tool for download.:
This little tool just shows your webcam video in Ableton Live. If you are doing Ableton Live tutorials e.g. maybe this patch is something for you. . Cambot is for free: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/4114/cambot

22 apr 2017

Onebot v1.0

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Hey there, i made a extra litte helper tool:
Onebot just plays video files in Ableton Live. So you can directly record audio from videos within Ableton. Nothing more, nothing less. Onebot is for free: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/4112/onebot

14 jan 2017

Zwobot v1.2 now available

Zwobot 1.2

- new: Manual/User-Guide Zwobotmax.com/manual/
- new: Speed-Call button, on press all open modules will show up in FX-connector drop-down list (youtube)
- new: FX-connector status will be saved in Ableton Live
- new: Expand FX slots
- fixed/new: newly developed inner file-transport, code redesign (from now on: always correct file numbers)
- fixed/new: saves now folder, single files & resolution within Ableton
- fixed: low resolution on channel-B if single video-file
- fixed: double entries FX-connector
- fixed: no more disturbing film endings in random frame mode

Modules 1.2

- new module: RACK - store files & folders and save your presets (youtube)
- new module: PLURAL - Pattern duplication
- FISHEYE - fixed: problems with other modules, more shapes & background mode
- VOLETT - blend-mode has now a 0 position (no blendfx)
- MONITOR - changed UI, new Time-Cache features & custom resolution
- ALPHA - code redesign, works now in preview window & while recording, new subtractive white mode.
- ALPHA - fixed: under certain circumstances Ableton Live gets stuck. (OSX)
- COULEUR - changed UI (fast selection)
- BLORR - fixed: glow works now as it should
- GRETA - changed UI + color/texture dialers
- ERRQUAKE - code redesign, faster response, new glitch blend
- VHS - fixed: problems with other modules
- ABC - new UI, better font-edge-smoothing, choose font, font size, rotation, scroll & running line
- DEELAY - New smear effect

03 nov 2016

Update On Modules

- new module: EARL - Generate sound reactive visuals
- new module: VHS - VHS style glitch (sound reactive)
- new module: VOLETT - shutter style effect
- new module: DUKE - Generate sound reactive visuals
- optimized: BLORR - better performance & blend mode
- optimized: LINR - blend mode

30 sep 2016

Tons of amazing free vj-loops!

On www.beeple-crap.com you’ll find tons of amazing and free vj-loops!

01 sep 2016

Zwobot is Live

14 oct 2016

Zwobot v1.1 now available

- fixed: next/prev automation doesn’t work proper
- fixed: slow Ableton Live UI
- fixed: doesn’t saves resolution-ratio within Ableton
- re-sync button is now at Zwobot Icon
- better overall performance
- +1 FX slot
- completed Midi descriptions

- new module: RMOTE - Transport/file automation from any channel
- new module: SPOUT - Spout support (Windows)
- new module: OSSI - Sound reactive oscilloscope (goo.gl/8KbRpr)
- fixed: Under certain circumstances effects may turn off while loading new effects and extensions
- better overall performance
- ALPHA now less performance eater
- MONITOR now with basic video-mapping feature
- ABC now works as it should
- completed Midi descriptions

18 may 2017

Zwobot / MAX update

MAX updated the video engine. This will fix an annoying bug in Zwobot (crash after approx. 1000 video rereads). Please update this engine via MAX package manager. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoorNSXZSi4 and update to VIDDLL engine. (1.0.9)

25 mar 2017

Zwobot v1.3 now available

Zwobot 1.3

- new: Video progress bar
- Faster module disconnect/delete without much video lag
- new: Prompt module disconnect via disconnect-button in module
- fixed: long vids don’t start at frame 1
- fixed: random frame on beat sometimes stops long vids
- several code optimizations

Modules 1.3

- new: Prompt module-disconnect via disconnect-button in module
- several code optimizations
- UX/UI alignments
- new module: TWST - Audio reactive particles
- new module: RUN - Audio reactive FX
- new module: 3IDE - Load 3D files into Zwobot (obj/dae/3ds)
- new module: STROBO - Simple stroboscope FX
- new module: FDBK - video feedback FX
- ABC - fixed: no longer need to install max package jit.mo - new: full text output
- ERRQUAKE - fixed: no longer need to install max package jit.mo
- LINR - new: Audio reactive & Blend modes.
- VHS - new: works now without audio input
- RACK - new: last 7 slots now for 3IDE module.- OSSi - new: texture mode
- RGBEE - new: Audio reactive
- PLURAL - new: Random/shift mode

21 feb 2017

Zwobot Demo Version now available

There is now a demo version available.

Zwobot demo version has limited features (no fullscreen, low resolution, no fx-slots)

Update apr 22:We decided to put the demo down. As some customers say: "The demo version of the full version in no way justifies. Actually, it is a very wrong picture and was for me rather counterproductive."

13 oct 2016


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